Saddle Up


Legendary female outlaw Belle Starr


“Pistol Pete” reveals the name of her mysterious killer.

Now It’s Your Turn To Saddle Up and Ride With “Pistol Pete”

I’ve had a special edition eBook of the refurbished memoir created so you too can saddle up and ride with “Pistol Pete” to experience first-hand the real Old West just like I did.

You can instantly download either a version to view on your computer’s large size screen with the Adobe Reader that’s already installed on your computer. (If it’s not – -it’s easy enough to install).

Or a smaller, portable version that fits all Smartphones, Tablets and Kindle Devices.



Preserved Just The Way It Was Typed Almost A Century Ago

Above is the eBook cover as it looks with the Adobe Reader. (The smaller version has a somewhat different cover to make it fit)

But either version- – my contact info is the only new thing that’s been added.

Other than that, the memoir has been preserved just the way “Pistol Pete” typed it almost a century ago using 2 fingers on an old timey ribbon typewriter. His spacing ain’t perfect, there’s no modern spell check, bold or underlining. But “Pistol Pete” did put items in the margins he thought were important and needed to be emphasized.

Below are 2 sample pages that show his unique style.

The first is page 22 and it puts you on the front porch with 8 year old “Pistol Pete” and together you witness the cold-blooded murder of his father. This horrific event only lasted 2 minutes – -but it shaped the next 89 years of “Pistol Pete’s” life.


The second sample is page 203. While in his mid-twenties – -“Pistol Pete” hired on as a scout and “Injin” fighter with the US cavalry. This page  describes the use of the death mark and immerses you in the brutality of the Indians and the whites that was the real Old West.



Now, the expert that restored the memoir urged me to seriously think about making the price of the eBook $150.00 to $200.00 because he said:

“That’s the going price for a memoir this rare.”

But, to show how serious I am about wanting to spread the word about “Pistol Pete” . . .

. . . I’m not pricing this special Ebook edition at the expert’s recommendation of $150.00 to $200.00.

Or even $50.00.

But, if you’re willing to help me keep “Pistol Pete’s” name and life story alive by hitting the “Buy Now” button on the next page RIGHT NOW . . .

. . . Then I’ll return the favor and you can lasso you own personal Adobe Reader large size copy of this rare treasure for only $19.77.

Or the smaller, portable version for all Smartphones, Tablets and Kindle Devices for just $9.97 when you click on the link also on the next page.

But you gotta do it NOW because if you don’t, your phone’s going to ring, you’ll get an email, the dog will have to go out – – you’re going to get distracted – – and you may never get back to this website.

Which means you’ll lose your only chance to own this one-of-a-kind, rare, memoir that puts you directly into all the gunplay action that makes the real Old West – – the real Old West.