Memoir Has Fallen Through The Cracks


Famous Sheriff Pat Garrett


The .44-40 Colt six-gun Garrett used to kill “Billy-The-Kid” ended up in “Pistol Pete’s” holster. “Pistol Pete” tells the strange story of how it happened.

Memoir Has Fallen Through The Cracks

Sadly, his memoir had fallen through the cracks of history and was in real danger of vanishing forever like an unmarked grave on the prairie.

WHACK! Like a 2 x 4 between my eyes – – -I realized “Pistol Pete’s” one-of-a-kind life story and personal photos are an important part of real Old West history that should be saved and remembered.

So I sent the tattered, water stained, old book I’d found to a restoration expert that specializes in saving rare manuscripts.


Whether you’re a history buff, an Old West devotee, or someone fascinated by the characters of America’s early years, “Pistol Pete’s” memoir is the closest you’ll come to a real Old West gunslinger without getting plugged.

And now, I’m on a mission . . . some might even call it an obsession . . .

. . . to keep “Pistol Pete’s” name and fascinating true life story alive.

The restoration expert carefully took it apart and painstakingly restored each page, all 303 of ’em, back to original as possible.

He also refurbished the 8 pages of historic photos. This whole process took him a total of 71 hours.